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  • v. Present participle of misplace.


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  • He proves to be a jovial person, with an astounding ingenuity in misplacing h's, and an amusing little way of confiding small details concerning himself with an air of expecting you to snatch out a note-book and jot them down as one who should later make an article for one of the reviews, "Some Confidential Talks with Charles Bradlaugh, M.P."

    In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World

  • For my part, I did not notice they were missing, I do not recall misplacing them.

    Stand Up for Accountability

  • When it came to me "misplacing" my purse in the refrigerator must certainly have a logical reason because until, oh, last month, I could still not comprehend that my absent-mindedness, my short-temperedness, my bouts of exhaustion, were all due to a chronic, desperate need for sleep - simple as that.

    Caroline Myss: Is Sleep All It's Cracked To Be?

  • The problem that residents have with this measure is that it creates a system of hefty fines for simple sorting mistakes, such as misplacing a plastic bag. $3,000 fines are possible for a repeated offense, which will be observed by garbage men with cameras.

    TrashCare: Tea Party Activists In Arizona Protest Changes In Trash Collection, New Recycling Program

  • The servicers are now "misplacing" all the documents, including the notes, associated with the mortgages on which they are foreclosing.

    L. Randall Wray: Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part II: The Mother of All Frauds

  • Both of their opponents, Greg Hartmann (for SoS) and Betty Montgomery (for AG) come from the corrupt Taft Machine, that has seen Governor Taft convicted of graft and a top Republican fundraiser, Tom Noe, go to jail for "misplacing" rare coins in which he chose to invest Workers 'Compensation funds (I am sure he misplaced them all the way into a bank account in the Grand Caymans).

    Cliff Schecter: Two Crucially Important Under The Radar Races

  • Deleting precious files on purpose, 'misplacing' and "forgetting" to write an urgent report, circulating details of various porn sites your boss browses during lunch hour or general counter-backstabbing will only temporarily satiate you.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • If the person who has Alzheimer's accuses your child of some wrongdoing - such as misplacing a purse or keys - your child might feel responsible.

    All Topics

  • Jody made a deal to avoid prosecution for "misplacing" hundreds of millions of dollars in state revenue projections if she ran for Lieutenant Governor, fulfilling the promise that Democrats will run a candidate in every election.


  • "misplacing" all the documents, including the notes, associated with the mortgages on which they are foreclosing.

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