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  • But, get rid of the cheese, (it doesn't belong unless through the momologue,) and the awkward camera angles and soap opera entrances.

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  • Leg, lect, lig To choose, to read legible­able to be read eligible­able to be selected Legislature­ law_making body Leg Law legitimate, legal­ lawful Library­collection of books Liber, libr Book libretto­the "book" of a musical play Liberation­the fact of setting free Liber Free liberal­ generous; tolerant Entomology­study of insects Log Word, study etymology­ study of word parts and derivations momologue­ speech by one person Soliloquy­speech by one individual Loqu, locut To talk loquacious­ talkative elocution­speech Elucidate­ enlighten Luc Light lucid­clear translucent­ allowing some light to pass throughv

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  • My kids use the word "momologue" to describe the occasions when I answer their simple questions with an overly-detailed responses, usually expanding to broader philosophical topics.

    Ex: Mom, I only asked what was for dinner. I don't need to know all about the food pyramid and the healthy lunch movement.

    January 19, 2016

  • I came up with this word 2 days ago and joined Wordnik today when I saw there was actually a category for it, even if it hasn't yet been spotted publicly. Momologue: the realization you got to speak for a suspiciously long time to your kid, uninterrupted, unchallenged, because he/she was either thinking about something else or needed to stay on your good side. (Thx, ruzuzu, for suggesting I place this here.)

    February 27, 2012