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  • n. A company operating in only one industry or line of business; often specifically a bank specializing in credit card issuance.
  • n. An insurer specialized in insuring investment-grade securities against loss.
  • n. A font line of consistent width, as occurs when imitating pencil script.
  • n. A length of monofilament line, used for culturing forms of seaweed.
  • n. A type of composing machine in which each line of type is cast as a single slug.
  • n. A single spectrum line.

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  • n. A trade-name of a form of typesetting machine which produces a solid line of type, or type-bar.


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From mono- +‎ line.


  • Morgan Stanley's filing also noted that the firm had tempered a bearish trading position that the firm had on insurance firm MBIA Inc. The short-term move, part of an overall hedging strategy tied to Morgan's ownership of municipal bonds and mortgage securities, resulted in "a positive net derivative counterparty exposure of $782 million" to the so-called monoline insurance firms, primarily MBIA, the filing said.

    Morgan Stanley Settles U.S. Bank Suit; Other Legal Issues Remain

  • He held a hearing in mid-December on the demise of those so-called monoline insurers at the hands of mortgage-related deals.

    New York to Review Bond Insurers' Fraud Claims

  • While a downgrade would be unprecedented, he compares it to the fall of some so-called monoline insurers of bonds in 2008, which stirred deep uncertainty in the market.

    Muni-Pricing Services Brace for Downgrade

  • Citigroup has reserves of about $5.5 billion for exposure to so-called monoline insurers, including Ambac, in the event they are unable to fulfill their commitments.

    State Regulator Takes Over Ambac's Troubled Contracts

  • Agricole said its exposure to so-called monoline bond insurers cut net profit by €1.34 billion in the first half and €693 million in the second quarter.

    Credit Agricole's Investment Bank

  • It has challenged the legitimacy of entire business models -- think of the so-called monoline bond insurers or the government-sponsored housing enterprises.

    Survival Bets on Blue Chips

  • Bond insurers used to just guarantee municipal bonds, becoming known as monoline insurers because they didn't take on any other types of risk.

    Ambac Names Wallis Risk Officer

  • According to people familiar with the matter, the Perella Weinberg assignment focuses on protecting policy holders who are customers of so-called monoline insurers, such as Ambac Financial Group and MBIA.

    State of the Stimulus

  • The Perella Weinberg assignment focuses on protecting policyholders who are customers of so-called monoline insurers, which include Ambac Financial Group Inc. and MBIA Inc., according to people familiar with the assignment.

    Perella Weinberg

  • Mr. Buffett went on TV to announce that he had offered to reinsure up to $800 billion of municipal bonds currently underwritten by the so-called monoline bond insurers.

    The Other $1 Trillion


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