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  • n. A magnetic monopole.

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  • n. An appellation owned by a single winery.
  • n. A magnetic monopole.
  • n. A monopole antenna.
  • n. An electrical power transmission line having one direct-current conductor and a ground (earth) connection.


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From the Old French monopole or its etymon the Late Latin monopōlium ("a monopoly").

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

mono- +‎ pole.


  • The word monopole appears on the label of a wine made from such a vineyard.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • The Waynesboro City Council and Planning Commission will hold a joint public hearing tonight to receive public comments on the company's request for a conditional use permit to construct the cell tower, also known as a monopole tower.

    News for Waynesboro News Virginian

  • He has, they say, given up this impossibility and opened a _comptoir_: its presence is very unpleasant to the French monopolists, who seem to 'monopole' more every year.

    To the Gold Coast for Gold A Personal Narrative in Two Volumes.—Volume I

  • Savigny-les Beaune Clos de Guettottes Monopole, 2008 this fully enclosed vineyard belongs to the company; the reason for the word "monopole" on the label.

    Blogbot - forsiden

  • This would require building platforms that look a bit like bar stools, Mr. Moore said, with a standard "monopole" rising from the platform.

    NYT > Home Page

  • What now stands near the firehouse is a 110-foot "monopole" tower, said Ray Klepar, president of the Great Notch fire company.

    Latest News

  • The french have love for Google, they just not have any love for any kind of monopole, about google video, french are very sensitive to copyright, and the french music and movie industry are fighting against all those new way to download content cause they are losing a lot of money music industry -12% income… the most incredible is the hypocrity of Google video, come on! everybody know that more than 65% of the content of a Google video or Youtube are copyrighted content…

    French Documentary Maker Sues Google Video

  • To meet the initial design requirements it was decided to constrain our evolutionary design to a monopole wire antenna with four identical arms, with each arm rotated 90� from its neighbors.

    A Modest Proposal (By a Somewhat Modest Engineer)

  • Nobody in this world has the monopole of violence.

    Duncan: 'Silly' to keep kids home to avoid Obama speech

  • Officials also suggested looking into whether Fairfax was getting a fair-market value for its monopole leases negotiated to telecommunications companies; ongoing disputes between the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority and the Shadowood Condominium Association in south Reston; and work performed by the county's Department of Vehicle Services, which maintains Fairfax's 5,500-vehicle fleet.

    Fairfax expands auditor Michael Longhi's power to inspect agency, Metro projects


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