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  • adj. Resembling a moth or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

moth +‎ -like


  • That new woodpecker that just flew off: Was its flight pattern "mothlike" or "undulating?"

    NYT > Technology

  • Part of that connection lies in the fact that while the people in the audience are watching the person on stage, a little mothlike voice inside each of them is saying, "Maybe I could do this, too."

    GOOD Magazine: Burned by Desire

  • The bright lights darkened with the shadows of people who blundered mothlike against me.

    An Atlas of Impossible Longing

  • Kyle glanced over at Lady-Bugger flapping his cape mothlike in front of the headlights.

    RAINBOW road

  • The colorful, mothlike creatures flicked their wings on the sides of the jar, making an ululating noise he truly hoped Arex would find appetizing.

    No Limits

  • There was a lot of movement in the dark and [207] overgrown woodland, so it took me a few seconds to understand that the rapid mothlike flapping at the bend in the trail was Matthew.

    The Lake House

  • Aside from swarms of mothlike insects and the distant chirp of swamp birds, there were no signs of life.

    The Flood

  • Why, then, has the museum been drawn, mothlike, to works that concentrate attention on how much they cost?

    The Big Rock Candy Mountain

  • "Come and play chess with them," Annalise urged, placing a mothlike hand on Jamie's arm.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • One of the flapping horrors that had snatched me from the wreck of the old Autarch's flier fluttered mothlike between my eyes and Lune, waxing ever larger; for the first time I knew that notules were its wings.

    The Urth of the New Sun


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