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  • adj. Relating to the motor faculties.
  • adj. Based on repetition of a single note length


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motor +‎ -ic


  • Firstly, it seems to leave out the role commonly ascribed to the so-called motoric part of the nervous system in bringing about bodily action; and secondly, the acknowledgment of the dependence of consciousness on corporeal 'dying' implies that willing is an unconscious activity because of its being based on life processes of the body.

    Man or Matter

  • Physicians use a set of five clinical diagnostic criteria to make the diagnosis, which include presence of OCD or tic disorder, pediatric onset of symptoms, episodic course of symptom severity (meaning symptoms are consistent and do not come and go), association with group A Beta-hemolytic streptococcal infection (GABHS), and association with neurological abnormalities, such as motoric hyperactivity.


  • In Act I, Mr. Muhly's sound world often recalls Messiaen's evocations of nature; in Act II, as the wives go on TV, he switches to a motoric, minimalist insistence that is more like Steve Reich, an enlivening change in musical tone that is over all too soon.

    Stifled Voices

  • It will be a robot if you give it a motoric sensor or a little bit automotion.

    Graffiti Inspired Lamps

  • The "Prague" is a better pairing that one might think — the connecting thread being Bruckner's hammered articulations in the 8th's finale (an unusually pianistic texture for him) which nicely sets up Mozart's motoric Classicism.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The motoric memory of letters helps in the recognition.

    The Writer Who Couldn't Read

  • She just doesn't have the fine-motoric skills for manipulating the analogue stick.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Definition of catatonic schizophrenia from the DSM IV: unaware of surroundings, motoric immobility, catalepsy, stupor, mutism, rigid posture, resistant to be moved.

    Republicans aren't the only reason we have the inexplicable phenomenon of the George Bush presidency.

  • Other Bring It On highlights include Check – a Duplo-simple motoric hammering that sounds all the better for its lack of ambition, 34T – a bass-heavy lump of sleaze that sounds exactly what we wanted the new Kasabian album to sound like, and Audience – which sounds like a broken Spectrum playing something people used to call Electroclash.

    Watch The Goose Low Mode Video Now

  • Because the previous motoric patterns were so firmly established, Nancy may find it difficult to adopt new ones.

    It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend


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