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  • For farmers supplying the big chains, "unless you make a muck-up of it, the volumes are immense," Mr. Allingham says.

    Why Big Grocers Go Where the Garlic Grows

  • In the 1650s when Virginia-based Englishmen were abandoning the whole class-based indentured servant muck-up they had erroneously imported with them from England in favor of an All-American flavor of xenophobic racial slavery, they set a tone for Americans, using highfalutin language to justify bloody deeds, couching their self-interest in tones of beneficence, and disguising bestial hatreds as mere privilege, or a government - given right to be an arrogant jerk.

    Current Comedy Notes, 4/15/09: Bamboozled

  • Vatican II and the post-conciliar liturgical reform were a collosal pastoral muck-up, probably unprecedented in the Church's history.

    On the state of the Traditional Roman Rite in Latin America -- a liberal's report

  • I'm sorry to say we may have inadvertantly condtributed to the S&S muck-up by complaining loudly about books going out of print, but we never intended to compromise author rights.

    It's not MY fault . . .

  • Why would you need those mitigating muck-up words attached to the label, if the label told you about the -- so the labels don ` t mean anything.

    Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever

  • Ms. Irmas, in turn, sued her contractor, blaming them for the muck-up; that gave the eighth-floor tenant enough traction to name Messrs. Trump and Kondylis in his suit, claiming that the building bore responsibility for flaws in the initial construction that facilitated the water damage.

    Moldy Mayfair

  • How he transits through that is going to be a lot harder, I think, than the muck-up that Clinton had with gays in the military at the beginning of his term.

    CNN Transcript - Special Event: Can George W. Bush Tame the Conservative Beast? - December 15, 2000

  • “Even in this day and age we can have an occasional muck-up when—”


  • Orwell complains about the desperate search for appropriate subjects, laments the poor quality of the transmissions ( "it was a complete muck-up and consisted largely of scratching noises"), maintains the "broadcasts are utterly useless because nobody listens to them," notes in his diary that he is forced to lie for propaganda purposes but denies this in his letter of resignation.

    Orwell: The Lost Writings (reviews)

  • And afterwards, in all the muck-up, I reckon I forgot.

    Death of a Fool


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  • "It's the blackest day on a principal's calendar. A day when teenage cunning and creativity can turn an innocent roll of clingwrap into a weapon of mass distraction. Year 12 classes finish this week and principals are on the offensive, armed with barbecue, games and even jumping castles.

    By stage-managing activities, they hope to give students a chance to blow off steam after 13 years of schooling, without Lord of the Flies scenarios. Call it 'final day', call it 'carnival day', but whatever you do, don't call it 'muck-up day' because teachers say publicity is part of the problem."

    - Natalie Craig, Jest day of their lives... just don't call it muck-up day,, 18 Oct 2009.

    October 18, 2009