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  • noun Plural form of mud.


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  • However, I guess you are making your own "muds" anyway when you add the neutral grays to a purer color.

    The Mud Debate

  • The mangroves of this ecoregion lie on continental deposits from the recent Quaternary; resulting soils consist of sands, clays, gravel and poorly consolidated stone such as muds and fine sediments.

    Gulf of Guayaquil-Tumbes mangroves

  • But there is a world of difference between holding as we do that people of goodwill of all races and cultures should preserve our God-given differences through mutually agreed separation, and the brutal and politically disastrous hatred exhibited by the '14 Words' cultists when they describe the unfortunate young victims of propaganda-induced racial integration as 'muds' and want to expel a grandfather from the BNP because his grown-up daughter fell in love with an African.

    The British National Party

  • Using these pivots as fulcrums also has the advantage of using these “stick in the muds” to further your own goals.

    Matthew Yglesias » Lincoln Slams Mythical Liberal Extremists

  • He is the founder and owner of Pangea Organics, whose soaps, facial muds and skin care products can be found in Macy's, Whole Foods and other retailers.

    Pangea Organic's line of natural skin-care products is growing

  • And outside of Wheel of Time worlds, I have never really enjoyed muds.

    MUD: a classical gaming experience

  • A lot of muds now, especially the ones with speedy player killing, need a big area for new players which teaches not just how to play the game, but WTF everyone is shouting about!

    MUD: a classical gaming experience

  • Not because they are stick in the muds who don't like change but because they know these plans are going to make our health service a whole lot worse.

    The NHS is ripe for revolution | Ian Birrell

  • I have tried other Wheel of Time themed muds like Moment in Tyme and Mirrors of the Wheel, but none have held my interest like WoTmud did.

    MUD: a classical gaming experience

  • He also said Halliburton's cement could have been contaminated by the oil-based muds BP used to drill the well.

    Halliburton Cited By Oil Spill Commission For Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Blowout


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