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  • verb computing To schedule and execute multiple tasks (program) simultaneously; control being passed from one to the other using interrupts.
  • verb figuratively, of a person To handle multiple tasks at once.


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multi- +‎ task


  • I'm not sure of the importance of any of the questions except numbers 4 18 minus the word multitask and number 20.

    Play Web 2.0 Truth AND Dare

  • But having downloaded the app just now, I can confirm that it is enabled to "multitask" - meaning you can quickly switch into and out of the app and into other background enabled apps.


  • Still, Mishel notes that during last year's campaign, Obama said that he could "multitask" and that solving problems "is what they were about."

    President Obama takes on ambitious December agenda

  • I force myself to just write without trying to multitask which is a bad habit at times, picked up that one in college.

    How to Stop Digital Fiddling and Start Writing | Write to Done

  • While I was having a discussion with David, there is new information that is coming into me, so I am going to kind of multitask with you as I go here.

    CNN Transcript Jan 5, 2010

  • This is an artful dodge: It is possible to compete and succeed, even to "multitask," without bending the rules.

    It's Not Theft, It's Pastiche

  • When I asked to speak with him about this after class, he laughingly told me he likes to "multitask"! anthony grafton commented at 8:18 AM~

    Ferule & Fescue

  • With 23 years in the Foreign Service, Bremer is widely praised for his tough-mindedness, coolness under fire and ability to "multitask" as a negotiator.

    About-Face In Iraq

  • Time has been commodified; efficiency industries have sprung up to (allegedly) save us time, we all "multitask" to accomplish our chores milliseconds quicker.

    Hurry Up Please It's Time-a Rushed Look at Acceleration

  • You will need and expect capabilities (such as the ability to truly run multiple apps simultaneously, not just "multitask" in the background) that are more robust than what they provide on iPhones (while preserving some app compatibility between the two environments).

    Fast Company


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