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  • adj. Having, using, or produced with multiple recording tracks: a multitrack tape recorder.
  • adj. Having several different aspects, elements, or functions: multitrack negotiations; a multitrack business executive.
  • adj. Having or using several schedules: students in a multitrack program with staggered vacations.

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  • adj. Recorded on multiple tracks


multi- +‎ track (Wiktionary)


  • A lot of the originals still exist in multitrack form (thanks, Les Paul!) and now they’re remastering into the 5.1 and 7.1 (and 11.2) realms.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Favorite Live Album

  • You can dub multitrack recordings, use as many as 16 audio channels and import/export audio in nearly all popular file formats. stories

  • I have been told by the High Court that the case has been allocated to the standard for defamation cases "multitrack", though I have not seen the questionnaires.

    On where is the BCA's Reply?

  • Paul was a guitar and electronics mastermind whose creations -- such as multitrack recording, tape delay and the solid-body guitar that bears his name, the Gibson Les Paul -- helped give rise to modern popular music, including rock 'n' roll.

  • Altman collaborated with multitrack recording expert Jim Webb to equip the actors with radio microphones, then gave each voice its own channel, to be accentuated or diminished in postproduction.

    Ann Hornaday discusses sound innovations in 1970s films

  • He compared the approach to audio recording; instead of recording multiple musicians all at once, modern multitrack studios record them separately so that the volume and other effects can be independently adjusted after the fact to create a sound mix.

    Start-Up's Camera Allows Photos to Be Refocused

  • A listening area in another with reel-to-reel, multitrack tape machine, amplifiers, speakers, and earphones.

    1965, what I wanted - 3

  • Next, I mixed down the song, converting this multitrack file into a.

    DIY: Creating music on your iPhone

  • Next, I mixed down the song, converting this multitrack file into a .

    DIY: Creating music on your iPhone

  • With multitrack so cheap today, I just love to do a simple drum track and lay over top of that the lines.

    Ian Hunter: Glam Rock Lives! « Skid Roche


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