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  • adj. Having multiple paths, channels or configurations


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multi- +‎ way


  • And how motivating can it be to participate in a one-way process, especially when the internet makes multiway communication and collective deliberation so energizing and empowering?

    The Other Transition: Whither Obama's Movement?

  • Forty-five minutes later, the field is down to 498, and Mike, thanks to a hand where he was allowed to limp into an unraised multiway pot from the little blind, holding only 7-4 suited, was able to triple up by flopping two pairs.


  • The analyzers and jammer are equipped with state-of-the-art triggering capabilities, including four concurrent sequencers of 26 states each, multiway branching and looping, and 32 counters and timers.

  • NYSDOT can conserve the corridor as a high-capacity arterial while restoring Olmsted's vision by filling the trench of the highway and replacing it with an at-grade, lower speed, multiway boulevard.

    Buffalo Rising

  • Olmsted designed multiway boulevards, themselves based on the boulevards of Paris and Berlin, to accommodate large amounts of traffic and create central recreational corridors connecting parks and public spaces.

    Buffalo Rising

  • Patent number 7499969 involves an user interface for multiway audio conferencing.

    Macsimum News

  • My main cash this month was from a €50 double chance (I thought it was a rebuy tbh when I reg'd) and lost my first stack within the first 20 mins or so, overplaying top 2 in a multiway pot when the turn fills lots of obvious draws.

    Irish Blogs

  • Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 offers powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway social media experiences to a broad audience.


  • Server sprawl: To duplicate the might of a single, multiway, multicore Xeon server might require dozens or even hundreds of Atom servers.

    Latest from Computerworld

  • Using log-transformed data with signal intensities > 80, only 19 probesets were found to be significantly differentially expressed in a multiway ANOVA (smoking, age, gender, cohort, race, CAD (i.e. case vs. control) and CAD-index as fixed factors or random effects, respectively) (table 2).

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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