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  • The largest freshwater turtle in the world (Podocnemys expansa) inhabits the rivers along with black caimans (Caiman crocodylus) and the mighty anacondas (Eunectes murinus).

    Solimões-Japurá moist forest

  • Forest rodents include Lophuromys sikapusi, Malacomys edwardsi and Graphiurus murinus.

    Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire

  • Large reptiles in the area include black caimans (Melanosuchus niger), endangered yellow-headed sideneck turtles (Podocnemis unifilis), and anacondas (Eunectes murinus).

    Iquitos varzea

  • For example, while we know that Suncus murinus (the Asian musk shrew or house shrew) is a rapid colonizer and a growing ecological threat, preying on or competing with many animal species and that it has a large and expanding range in Africa, very little research has been carried out on how to effectively manage the species.

    Invasive alien species in Africa~ Developing effective responses

  • Large reptiles in the area include black caimans (Melanosuchus niger), spectacled caimans (Caiman crocodilus), and anacondas (Eunectes murinus).

    Monte Alegre varzea

  • The distribution of Demidoff's galago (Galagoides demidoff) subspecies follows a similar pattern, with G.d. anomurus and G.d. murinus found only on the right bank of the Congo and G.d. phasma found only on the left.

    Western Congolian swamp forests

  • The snakes include the anaconda Eunectes murinus, fer-de-lance Bothrops asper, palm pit-vipers Bothriechis spp., coral snakes Micrurus spp., the bushmaster Lachesis muta and boa constrictor Boa constrictor.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil

  • Four of these species are considered critically endangered: Bulmer's fruit-bat (Aproteles bulmerae), large leptomys (Leptomys elegans), eastern shrew-mouse (Pseudohydromys murinus), and lesser small-toothed rat (Macruromys elegans).

    Central Range montane rain forests

  • Other reptiles that frequent this ecoregion are the green iguana (Iguana iguana), spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) and anaconda (Eunectes murinus).

    Guianan mangroves

  • Also, the largest snake in the world, the great anaconda (Eunectes murinus), is found here.

    Purus varzea


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