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  • n. Plural form of mute.


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  • I might add to the confusion and point out that Senator Obama is only half Christian (the other part he mutes, which is of Muslim tenets).

    Justice Is Blind; Truth Can Be Color/Gender Sensitive

  • [558] The choice of methods for pupils may often depend on their classification, as noted before, into deaf-mutes, that is, those who have never been able to hear; semi-mutes, those who have been able to hear and speak, and retain their speech to some extent; and semi-deaf, those able to hear a little.

    The Deaf Their Position in Society and the Provision for Their Education in the United States

  • Three of these letters, P, T, K, are stops to the stream of vocal air, and are called mutes by grammarians; three, B, D, Ga, are preceded by

    The Temple of Nature; or, the Origin of Society A Poem, with Philosophical Notes

  • I am faint — let me but Live to be revenged - thenprophet take me To tbyfclf — call my mutes,

    The miscellaneous works of Richard Linnecar, of Wakefield

  • There's also inexplicably a black button on the bottom, which kind of mutes the kazoo, but not in any interesting sort of way.

    Competition! Win a Strobopick

  • Also banned were saxophones, wah-wah trumpet mutes, the plucking of bass strings, the deliberate lowering of tones to create “blue notes,” and the playing of drums with too much rhythm.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Which gives you some idea of the off-kilter nature of the show, in which two New York roommates, one a blocked writer, find themselves in a "strange enchanted world" – look out for sex-crazed nymphs, hunchbacks and cross-dressing mutes, all in the best possible taste – tasked with finding a fading daytime TV star to save a pregnant princess from losing the throne since you asked.

    This week's new theatre

  • He reports that an earlier pharaoh discovered the original language of humanity by secluding two newborn children among mutes until they uttered their first word, which presumably would be in the tongue of our earliest ancestors it was bekos, the Phrygian word for “bread”.

    Alexander the Great

  • Swedish 'Dragon' breathes more fire; 'Tintin' is too, too tech-happy; whimsy mutes 'Extremely Loud'.

    'Tattoo': Raw, Rousing and Rather Redundant

  • Hammers, forks, mutes, and an quartz chromatic VU tuner.

    Archive 2009-02-01


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