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  • What he called mysterium hexagrammicum states that the intersections of the opposite sides of a hexagon inscribed in a conic section are collinear.

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  • No wonder the Eucharist is called the mysterium fidei, the mystery of faith par excellence.

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  • Beneath his rumpled clothing and nervous laugh, he exemplifies what Pope John Paul II last week called mysterium iniquitatis, one of the gravest forms of evil: a priest who abuses children.

    Confessions Of A Fallen Priest

  • And I agree with Matt that religion has become very therapeutic and ignores much of what Rudolf Otto calls the mysterium trememdum.

    Dark Night of the Soul, Part One (Twilight). | Mind on Fire

  • Here’s my answer: Religions are memetic complexes of ritual, relationships, myths and histories and meta-narratives, social and political institutions, ethics, psychology, pedagogy, symbol and language and value systems structures, and what Rudolph Otto called the mysterium tremendum–that which is simultaneously experienced as awesome and awe-full.

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  • They long for experiences that could create the ecstasies of heart and mind that German phenomenologist Rudolph Otto [1869 - called the mysterium tremendum.

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  • However ecstatic expression is performed, its most enthusiastic performance spontaneously tunes and readies us to experience the divine and encounter the mysterium tremendum.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • All four of the beginning mysteries have prepared you to be ready to get on the holy tracks and begin a journey toward the mysterium tremendum.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • Our task is to appreciate the invaluable treasure of this ineffable mystery of faith "both in the celebration of the Mass itself and in the worship of the sacred species, which are preserved after Mass to extend the grace of the Sacrifice" (Instruction Eucharisticum mysterium, no. 3, lit. g).

    Pope Benedict on Eucharistic Adoration

  • I know well that, following the publication of the Instruction "Eucharisticum mysterium" of 25 May 1967 and the promulgation, on 21 June 1973, of the Document "De sacra communione et cultu mysterii eucharistici extra Missam", the insistence on the theme of the Eucharist as the inexhaustible source of holiness has been a concern of the first priority for the dicastery.

    Pope Benedict on Eucharistic Adoration


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  • A hypothetical substance to which a galactic radio emission at 1665 megahertz was attributed until it was identified as an exceptionally strong component of a set of four lines emitted by the hydroxyl radical, OH. (From WWFTD)

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