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  • noun mathematics A tuple containing n terms.


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  • This interpretation is, assuming the consistency of B, an n-tuple satisfying the relation RAX defined by AX.

    The Frege-Hilbert Controversy

  • If one thinks of a structure as a kind of ordered n-tuple of sets etc., then a class Mod (T) becomes an n-ary relation, and Pasch's account agrees with ours.

    Model Theory

  • φ [a] to mean that the n-tuple a is in the set defined by φ.

    First-order Model Theory

  • φ (v1, ¦, vn+1) of L and every n-tuple d of elements of X,

    First-order Model Theory

  • Section 3 are more promising than n-tuple experiments with n ‰¥ 3.

    Bell's Theorem

  • (The entry on classical logic uses the notation ˜A, s where s is any assignment to all the variables of L that assigns to each variable vi free in φ the i-th element in the n-tuple a.)

    First-order Model Theory

  • Nonseparability supposedly arises because the vacuum expectation value of a product of field operators defined at an n-tuple of distinct spacetime points does not supervene on qualitative intrinsic physical properties defined at those n points, together with the spatiotemporal relations among the points.

    Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

  • Propositional attitudes are then relations between a person and an ordered n-tuple that is the proposition that is the content of the attitude.

    Nonconceptual Mental Content

  • The fundamental claim of the HPC view is that at least a large range of natural kind terms are defined by such property clusters, no one or particular n-tuple of which need be possessed by any individual belonging to the natural kind, but some n-tuple of the cluster possessed by all such individuals.

    The Biological Notion of Individual

  • The subscript ˜- k™ indicates the result of removing the kth component of an n-tuple or an n-fold Cartesian product.

    Common Knowledge


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  • A non-specific multiple.

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