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  • n. A Middle English variant of natch.


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  • To be asked what it means to be part of that national ménage is not much different from being asked what it is to be a Jones, a Murphy or a Savage.

    Two Canadas: The Devolution Debate

  • Her ménage is certainly susceptible of improvement, especially in the article of cooking; but one would prefer living on any sort of victuals not poisoned in such pleasant company to having preparations of these and stupidity therewith.

    Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle

  • TV Guide Magazine: How have fans who've followed you since your Sister, Sister days reacted to seeing you as Melanie, a character who just last week was considering a ménage à trois to spice up her marriage?

    Tia Mowry Gets Back in The Game

  • This early style of Aikido was extremely hard and one would learn good ukemi simply to survive injury, today many students have ukemi that resembles an acrobat or a gymnast and is used more to make their nage ` look spectacular `.

    Aikido in the UK – the Beginning « English Lesson Plans « Free Lesson Plans « Literacy News

  • Then Mr. Gurney backs up, starts over and spins an elaborately fictionalized version in which he not only meets Cornell, the flamboyantly foul-mouthed McClintic (Boyd Gaines), and Gertrude Macy (Brenda Wehle), Cornell's hard-nosed business manager and offstage lover, but looks on in amazement as the members of this oddly sorted m nage trois drop their masks of propriety and share with him their inmost hopes and fears.

    Buffalo Gal Comes Out in A.R. Gurney's New Play

  • In contrast the experienced Aikidoist harmonizes or blends his energy in order to guide his uke to where both the uke and the nage (thrower) wants to go.

    Susan Harrow: Mindfulness Practice for Aikido and Tea Ceremony

  • It's about uke and nage aligning their bodies, mind, energy.

    Susan Harrow: Mindfulness Practice for Aikido and Tea Ceremony

  • We wrote at the time that Sarah Palin's coi nage was sensationalistic, but it was meant to illustrate a larger truth about a world of finite resources and infinite entitlement wants.

    Death Panels Revisited

  • The only other move that stands out in my memory, is his koshi nage hip throw, from a bar room brawl in 'On Deadly Ground'.

    Under Siege

  • With the convulsive gesture as their common ground, this was an unlikely ménage-a-trois between the historical and the contemporary and an excellent preparation for some thirty heads now on exhibit.

    Mark Mennin: Messerschmidt: An Accidental Visionary


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