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  • n. The underlying science of nanotechnology


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  • To retard the advances in nanoscience is the opposite of religion which is for the betterment of the human condition.

    God and Small Things - Bits Blog -

  • According to the Smalley Institute Website, "Research in nanoscience is exploding, both because of the intellectual allure of constructing matter and molecules one atom at a time, and because the new technical capabilities permit creation of materials and devices with significant societal impact."

    MIND MELD: Interesting Areas of Scientific Research

  • The advanced materials and tools of microelectronics are being used for studies in nanoscience and of quantum effects.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2000 - Presentation Speech

  • This allowed to offer to former post-doctoral coworkers the opportunity to develop and to progressively set up independent research activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

    Jean-Marie Lehn - Autobiography

  • On the other hand, the elaboration of approaches towards the generation of architectures for nanostructured materials stresses the broad impact that self-organization may have in nanoscience and nanotechnology, by allowing the potential replacement of tedious and expensive fabrication and addressing procedures by powerful self-fabrication and self-addressing processes.

    Jean-Marie Lehn - Autobiography

  • During this time China has tended to focus investment on specific areas of science where practical applications are likely - such as nanoscience, where it is second only to the US in terms of number of published papers. all content

  • There are, of course, exceptions: Governments have a responsibility to fund defense R&D and other forms of pre-competitive, generic R&D—e.g., basic science and technology from nanoscience to batteries—but only when they pass rigorous cost-benefit tests and maintain a level playing field among alternative commercial applications.

    Washington's Knack for Picking Losers

  • The EU ObservatoryNano organisation, which supports European policy makers through scientific and economic analysis of nanoscience and nanotechnology developments, produced a report on the ethics of nanotechnology written by Ineke Malsch, director of Malsch TechnoValuation.

    Nanotechnoglogy world: Nanomedicine offers new cures

  • One way of doing this is to detect the possible development of disease: nanoscience will provide better tools to look for the molecular clues that signal potential problems before they occur.

    Nanotechnoglogy world: Nanomedicine offers new cures

  • We built a nanoscience center at Oak Ridge National Lab and one at Brookhaven.

    The Profit Motive


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