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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a nebula

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to nebulæ; of the nature of, or resembling, a nebula.

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  • Like a nebula; cloudy.
  • Pertaining or relating to a nebula.

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  • adj. of or relating to or resembling a nebula
  • adj. resembling a cloud


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  • Such is, in fact, the doctrine of the origin of our system which has been advanced in that celebrated speculation known as the nebular theory of Laplace.

    The Story of the Heavens

  • Along with the growth of observational astronomy which has taken place since the discoveries of Galileo, there has been developed a view concerning the physical history of the stellar world, known as the nebular hypothesis, which, though not yet fully proved, is believed by most astronomers and physicists to give us a tolerably correct notion as to the way in which the heavenly spheres were formed from an earlier condition of matter.

    Outlines of the Earth's History A Popular Study in Physiography

  • He gave us the fundamental idea of what is called the nebular hypothesis.

    Recreations in Astronomy With Directions for Practical Experiments and Telescopic Work

  • According to the theory matter was first in _ "nebular" (gas) form, _ and that the gases existing diffused through space were, through the motion which originated, changed from a huge ball of fire-mist to a semi-solid sphere, which threw off smaller spheres (the planets) that gradually became solid.

    Evolution An Investigation and a Critique

  • Also, six of the sixty-three moons in our solar system orbit in the opposite direction to that of the planets and the other moons.64 If the solar system has originated from a rotating nebular cloud, as asserted by the theory of evolution, everything in the cloud should turn in the same direction and it would be impossible that nine planets and moons would rotate and even orbit in the opposite direction.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • The poem swung in majestic rhythm to the cool tumult of interstellar conflict, to the onset of starry hosts, to the impact of cold suns and the flaming up of nebular in the darkened void; and through it all, unceasing and faint, like a silver shuttle, ran the frail, piping voice of man, a querulous chirp amid the screaming of planets and the crash of systems.

    Chapter 35

  • Eddington became an enthusiastic supporter of an expanding universe cosmology, pointing to the nebular recession as evidence of a curved space-time.

    Capsule Summaries of the Great Books of the Western World

  • She evaluated the nocturnal notations and recalculated them, wrote treatises for Philosophical Transactions, discovered fourteen nebulae, calculated hundreds more, and began a catalogue for star clusters and nebular patches.

    Reaching for the Stars

  • Mind you, Laplace's nebular hypothesis as it was known had fallen out of favor by the time the science fiction magazines appeared, replaced by the near-collision hypothesis of Thomas Chamberlin, which held that the material that formed the planets had been drawn out of the sun by a near-collision with another star.

    Smartening up "The Morons"

  • The light, wind and heat given off by massive, Mighty Mighty ** Shinging Stars** have dispersed the glowing gas within and around this star cluster, forming a surrounding wispy nebular structure that looks like a cobweb.

    Elements of the Universe Shown in New Image | Universe Today


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