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  • noun Plural form of needment.


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  • I accomplished both my needments and being about to return home, said to myself,

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • An hour or two had sufficed for this devastation; nothing remained upon the uncarpeted floors but the needments he would carry with him into the wilderness, such few evidences of civilisation as the poorest cannot well dispense with.

    New Grub Street

  • Thus as they passed, needments > necessaries passed > passed; _and perhaps: _ paced

    The Faerie Queene — Volume 01

  • His scrip did hang, in which his needments he did bind.

    The Faerie Queene — Volume 01

  • I gathered up my belongings, -- my needments, as somebody had called them, after Spenser's fashion, in the morning, -- and entered the door.

    The Landscape Chamber

  • It is the question that concerns this world before all others, that occupies alike the patient workfolk who have yet their home unbroken, the strugglers foredoomed to loss of such scant needments as the summer gifted them withal, the hopeless and the self-abandoned and the lurking creatures of prey.

    The Nether World

  • Having taken my farewell of Lilith, I packed my 'bag of needments,' locked the door of my uncle's room, which I would have no one enter in my absence, and set out to meet the night mail.

    Wilfrid Cumbermede

  • Hugh got his 'bag of needments,' and bade his landlady good-bye for

    David Elginbrod

  • Knight; Speech like the dwarf that lags behind with the lady's "bag of needments."

    Unspoken Sermons Series I., II., and II.

  • She said Mrs. Halfpenny had called her, and told her that 'Miss Dollars' was crying, and that she did not think the child ought to be left alone long to fret herself, but Saturday morning needments called away nurse herself, so she had ordered in Miss Gillian as her substitute.

    The Two Sides of the Shield


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  • What Chaucer has summed up for all time as 'a bag of needments'. Cold Comfort Farm.

    February 23, 2013