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  • noun Greek mythology One of 50 sea nymphs who were attendants upon Poseidon (Neptune), and were represented as riding on sea horses, sometimes in human form and sometimes with the tail of a fish.
  • noun zoology A worm of the genus Nereis, having sharp retractable jaws and an annelid body.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the stem of Latin Nērēis ("sea-nymph"), from Ancient Greek Νηρηΐς, from Νηρεύς ("the sea-god Nereus").



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  • Nereid the Nymph slumped on a rock and ran her fingers through her long seaweed tresses.

    'I'm bored with this sea life,' she sighed grumpily. 'Look what this accursed salt water is doing to my hair!'

    October 8, 2008