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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of nettle.

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  • adj. aroused to impatience or anger


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  • What nettled Bateman most about an unauthorized edition of prints of his work was that the artwork was sold at Sears: "That's the part I detest," he said.

    Daniel Grant: Copyright Infringers Target Wildlife Artists

  • "Which is not what I came to see you about," I answered brusquely, somewhat nettled by their incomprehension.


  • Though it nettled to take orders from a mere human, Regin stepped forth.

    Dreams of a Dark Warrior

  • This cool assumption that the sale was already consummated so perturbed Thayer, that, along with the sure knowledge that he had never seen so high a quality of rams, he was nettled into changing his order to twenty carloads.


  • This nettled Sam, as it was intended to do, and he played his most famous trick and favorite punch — a feint for a clinch and a right rip to the stomach.

    Chapter II

  • Mr. Barton laughed with them, but he was vaguely nettled.

    Jack London's Short Story: Planchette

  • The nettled banks rose vertically and the barbed branches made it impossible to clamber up short of a mile or so downriver.

    Polly Samson | The Man Who Fell

  • Marcy, the New Yorker whose elevation had nettled the Van Buren forces, emerged as able, sagacious, and loyal—in short, a highly valuable lieutenant.

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • Under the nettled knot of august sunshine, in the shadow of the reddened face of the future, alongside the maternal mystery of the unused river, the bison make their summary judgments, exact retribution from the enacted masters of wistfulness, and pay somber alimony to the ghost of an ochre wife.

    The Bison's Alimony

  • For all that, she looks pensive and nettled and keeps muscling the ball when she used to glide it.

    Wimbledon 2010 live blog: 23 June


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  • Vexed, irritated, disturbed. The plant, nettle, contains histamines. One would likely be annoyed if one brushed up against such a species. Genus Urtica. Urticaria is the name for hives.

    August 21, 2008