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  • n. A toxin that damages or destroys nerve tissue.

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  • n. A toxin that specifically acts upon neurons, their synapses, or the nervous system in its entirety.

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  • n. A eytotoxin which results on immunization with nerve-tissue.

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  • n. any toxin that affects neural tissues


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From Ancient Greek νεῦρον (neuron, "sinew, tendon") and Latin toxicum ("poison"), from Ancient Greek τοξικόν (toxikon, "(poison) for use on arrows"), from τοξικός (toksikos, "pertaining to arrows or archery"), from τόξον (tokson, "bow").


  • Mercury (thimerosal) is another toxic heavy metal, a known developmental neurotoxin, that is used in some mascaras and eye drops.

    Deirdre Imus: Kiss My "Green" Lips

  • While 3 out of the 6 birds tested were positive for domoic acid, we cannot conclude that the neurotoxin is the primary cause of the widespread illness.

    Edhat Santa Barbara

  • But the Southern Pacific also produces a neurotoxin, which is more serious because it quickly affects breathing and muscle control.

    Scientific American

  • But if I dumped some kind of neurotoxin all over myself, I wouldn't give a s*!

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The kind of neurotoxin that motivated Timothy McVeigh is now served up in quantity on national television.

    Stupid Evil Bastard

  • If pornography is like a "neurotoxin" that "damages the brain" as some U.S. Music briefs

  • And that pornography is not a "neurotoxin" that damages the brain as some anti-pornography "crusaders" claim: "As for the persistent perception that pornography breeds crime against women: aggressive men don't need porn as an incentive to be violent." Main RSS Feed

  • Beyond being used for recreation, however, the drug is also recognized as a serotonergic neurotoxin, meaning it has adverse effects on the class of neurons that use the neurotransmitter serotonin.


  • While the EPA has been working on a gradual phase-out, Wal-Mart simply decided to ban the chemical, a neurotoxin that the EPA says is "persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic to both humans and the environment."

    Carl Pope: Green Sprouts in the Sidewalk?

  • The deal gives Allergan access to another treatment for migraine headaches to complement the injectable neurotoxin Botox, but for a different, potentially market-expanding patient population.

    Allergan Invests in Migraine Drug


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