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  • noun Plural form of neutralist.


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  • Unfortunately, the "neutralists" think that regulation, rather than innovation, is the better solution to dealing with the constant tension between the capacities of networks and the bandwidth demands of new applications.

    Technology Liberation Front

  • Observe the phenomenon of the so-called neutralists in the United Nations: the -neutralists" are worse than merely neutral in the conflict between the United States and Soviet Russia; they are committed, on principle, to see no difference between the two sides, never to consider the merits of an issue, and always to seek a compromise, any compromise in any conflict-as, for instance, between an aggressor and an invaded country.

    The Virtue of Selfishness

  • The United States agreed to accept the formation of a tripartite electoral commission—made up of the Thieu government, southern neutralists, and the Viet Cong—which would be formally responsible for resolving the political issues remaining after a cease-fire-in-place.

    How Wars end

  • In the end, the evidence came down on the side of the neutralists, and it is accepted that the majority of variation in genomes is due to neutral mutations 2.

    Haldane's non-dilemma - The Panda's Thumb

  • I chose not to focus on the relative size of the differences of belief in a mature science (ie, between selectionists and neutralists) or on the fact that those differences have over time reduced and virtually disappeared.

    ID and Origin-of-Life Research

  • Most biologists believe that some molecular variants are indeed neutral, though fewer than were claimed by the original neutralists.

    Population Genetics

  • Civil strife over the composition of the government involved the Communist Pathet Lao, the neutralists around Prince Souvanna Phouma, and anti-Communists under Prince Boun Oum and Gen. Nosavan.

    1960, Aug. 9

  • First they murdered thousands on their lists of opponents or neutralists.

    Benge, Michael D.

  • The Pathet Lao tended more to live among the people and recruited peasants from the area, while the intellectuals were, for the most part, with Kong Le and the neutralists.

    A Special Supplement: A Visit to Laos

  • This time the Americans were supporting Souvanna Phouma and Kong Le, who joined forces with the Lao right (Kong Le presently departed for France, where he now lives in exile), against the Pathet Lao and the "left-leaning neutralists" under Colonel Deuane.

    A Special Supplement: A Visit to Laos


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