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  • adj. Alternative spelling of next.


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  • 'cause they bofe had dess sense enough to run away after you 'grampaw try learn 'em how much he ain't like no pups; an' nex 'come them two canaries hangin' in the dinin'-room now, an 'nex' -- di'n 'I holler so's they could a-hear me all way down town?

    Gentle Julia

  • An 'the hother's bin with me six -- six years, sir, an' two months comin 'nex' Saturday.


  • I knowed some'n wuz up, an 'nex' mawnin 'I called' im early befo 'light, like he tole me, an' he dressed an 'come out pres'n'y jes' like he wuz goin 'to church.

    Short Stories for English Courses

  • "Head 'at mule roun' nex 'time an' back him in de ball park."

    Lady Luck

  • You gives de ol 'Soopreem Leadeh fifty dollahs, an' nex 'week back he comes wid a hund'ed.

    Lady Luck

  • Th 'nex' day th 'little Mickrobes made a toboggan slide iv me spine an' manetime some Mickrobes that was wur-r-kin 'f'r th' tiliphone comp'ny got it in their heads that me legs was poles, an 'put on their spikes an' climbed all night long.

    Standard Selections A Collection and Adaptation of Superior Productions From Best Authors For Use in Class Room and on the Platform

  • I tried it, -- darned 'f I sot daown f'r th' nex 'week, -- ëat all my victuals stan'in'.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 40, February, 1861

  • She git caught high up on de leg, an 'de beeg spring bre'k de leg an den de leg freeze an' in wan hour de fox giv 'de pull an' de leg twist off, an 'de fox run away -- an' nex 'tam you bet you ain' ketch dat fox no mor '.

    Connie Morgan in the Fur Country

  • An 'off to the township on Saturday afternoon, an' lucky if they get back in time for milkin 'nex' mornin '.

    Back to Billabong

  • "It's in Wakefield -- en 'nex' month it's a-comin 'here."

    Polly of the Circus


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  • (Latin) death, slaughter, violent death.

    May 18, 2009