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  • n. a small, dim light or lamp left on overnight


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From night + light


  • Because, really, picking a nightlight is a struggle between it being bright enough to provide reassurance and visibility, and dim enough to allow sleep ....


  • But as "nightlight" stations, they'll now be broadcasting a digital TV message on a loop for the next few weeks, explaining to people why they're no longer receiving their regular TV.

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  • a boy tries to fall asleep. his nightlight is a myth that burns out once a day

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  • Low mode is also very useful and brighter than your typical "nightlight" levels in other LED lanterns "low" modes. Gold Box Deals

  • There were a couple of drawbacks: the air-conditioner was aimed at the door instead of the room, and it was easier just to unplug a floor lamp than to disable its dim "nightlight" feature.

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  • It is affectionately called the DTV "nightlight" bill.


  • The digital TV switchover should proceed next month, but with the "nightlight" program the FCC approved that'll leave a warning message up for about a month and immediate, fresh funding for the coupon program, so we can get on with this thing.


  • WKYC is a "nightlight" station for the Cleveland/Akron/Canton market.


  • In 87 markets - including 45 of the 49 markets identified as "hot spots" requiring the most attention during the transition - viewers who lost their television service still received an analog "nightlight" service.


  • In case you didn't hear it, analog "nightlight" transmissions went dark Sunday -- which amounted to 121 stations in 87 markets signing off for the last time.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now


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