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  • v. Present participle of scuff.


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  • Men spoke in soft voices, interrupted by the hollow clunk of wood against wood or the scuffing of a pack against the hull.

    Fire The Sky

  • Still I persisted and wore them anyway for protection, believing they would act as a talisman, because it would be unthinkable that someone wearing such precious shoes could be anything short of cheerful, could be scuffing the floors of hallways along which children might actually die.

    Between Expectations

  • At the photo shoot he quaintly refuses to roll up his sleeves for fear of scuffing them up.

    Professor Green: 'Lily Allen put me back on my feet'

  • • A scuffing in the Sunday Times for millionaire Sigrid Rausing, denounced as a "human rights queen" for funding European court of human rights challenges to UK law.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • Guilt and loss ride your back with its dark humps into streets with no names or numbers for direction, and you've no idea where to go or even why both feet are moving, scuffing over sidewalk — the soundtrack for your small regrets, all the do and do-nots — but you walk on.

    The Weight

  • Shoes scuffing wood fruit, flicking them in spiral scatter, enticing her to snap and snatch, clutch and carry till her jaws could hold no more.


  • I sucked the blood from my knuckle, scuffing my feet and kicking gravel on the way to the car.

    Arbitrary Dilettante

  • Their footsteps made soft, scuffing noises in the leaves that had fallen on the sidewalk.


  • The ball is scuffing up so quickly on these pitches that you cannot really expect to get much swing after the eighth over.

    Time for England to prove their one-day mettle against India| Duncan Fletcher

  • When the differential is unlocked (open differential), it allows each wheel to rotate at different speeds (such as when negotiating a turn), thus avoiding tire scuffing.

    ok so there was just a question on here about tires for a truck, and somebody brought up rear differential, i was wandering what


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  • In rare/antique books, a term used to describe a binding with light abrasions or scrapes.

    February 22, 2007