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  • n. Alternative spelling of night soil.


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  • In Jerusalem, with its fetid atmosphere of intellectual decay, everyone, from the master and his wife to the nightsoil man who empties the college privies, has their eye on the main chance.

    The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor – review

  • Or, as another wonderful character in The Echo Chamber, Nikolas the nightsoil worker, puts it, a book with "a kind of conversation inside".

    The Echo Chamber by Luke Williams – review

  • " She even considers the beneficial effects of nightsoil on vegetables: " I do remember with pleasure all the beautiful vegetables raised in China because they used human manure, which seems to be the best of all.

    An American in Paris

  • I nominate Rep. Dan Boren to bt the chairman and sole member of the House Committee on shithouses, shitholes, and nightsoil salesmen his office will be located under the outhouse behind the Capital enjoy life floating with all the other turds, asshat this comment should not be construed as a slight on excrement in any way

    Another Red State Dem Refuses To Endorse Obama

  • I have no use for either of the "leaders" I don't think they serve a function of any value beyond generating nightsoil.

    I am CC, the great and powerful.

  • Eg the British in India not realizing for a couple of hundred years that a nightsoil caste even existed, so hidden was it!

    Where Would You (Not) Go?

  • Stitch me a gown of taffeta and quinine, starlight and nightsoil, and when the clock tocks two, I'll be the belle of the malaria ball.

    A Poem I Liked: Vex Me by Barbara Hamby

  • Prentice can claim that this steaming pile of legislative nightsoil allows consumers to enjoy "everyday" use of copyright materials but in fact it criminalizes most uses and opens the culture to a feeding frenzy of litigation and corporate bullying.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • In doing so, we had to remove the two-seater outhouse, and while breaking it down, I discovered an ancient ... well, I looked up various definitions: "dunny-can," "nightsoil collector" ... but I think you'll agree that the best name for it is the Poop Trough.

    millions of tiny darts

  • Buddha taught the Dharma to multitudes of people from the outcast nightsoil labourers to the high nobility, he even sat with and taught mass murderers and isolated mountain cannibals.

    Buddhism: A beginners guide: Part 2


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  • I love this euphemism. I wish I had thought to list it.

    October 10, 2007