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  • n. The system of patronage to senior positions in the bureaucracy of the Soviet Union and some other Communist states, controlled by committees at various levels of the Communist Party.
  • n. The lists of appointees matching the lists of patronage positions in such a system.
  • n. The appointees to these positions: "The . . . nomenklatura are perceived as draft-immune” ( Anthony Arnold).
  • n. The stratified, privileged class composed of these appointees.

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  • n. The system of bureaucratic patronage in the former Soviet Union.
  • n. The lists of appointments in this system, and the people on such lists.
  • n. The upper echelons of Soviet society.

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  • n. the system of patronage in communist countries; controlled by committees in the Communist Party


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian, from Latin nōmenclātūra, list of names; see nomenclature.

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From Russian номенклатура (nomenklatúra), from Latin nomenclatura ("a calling by name, list of names"), from nomen ("name") + calare ("call")


  • So I wrote Erin to get some clarification, and she explained that she had been talking about a nonliteral use of the word nomenklatura itself, "that is, one that referred to people that weren't Russians, but were metaphorically similar to the Russian nomenklatura." NOMENKLATURA?

  • When Russia, China and Vietnam liberalized, the nomenklatura were the first to move into “private” business and did very well enriching themselves and their families.

    Matthew Yglesias » Trouble in North Korea

  • They represent the idea of nomenklatura, or bureaucratic capitalism.

    The Dangers Ahead

  • Those who got the most out of the situation were the political opponents of Zhao Ziyang, who hoped to force him and his associates from power, as well as those members of the nomenklatura, that is, the Party gentry, who enjoyed all the privileges afforded by the monolithic state created under the conditions of the "proletarian dictatorship."

    'Tiananmen Follies': An Exchange

  • "But the economic interests of this 'nomenklatura' aren't compatible with the state's future prosperity."

    What on Earth Happened to the New York GOP?

  • In every communist system, the "nomenklatura," of which Clinton would certainly qualify as a member, will have access to special medical care, grocery stores, dachas, etc.

    Latest Articles

  • The idea of an elite and privileged '' nomenklatura '' to staff the civil service of the Soviet state originated with its founder, [[Vladimir Lenin]].

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • At this time this is unlikely, because these two republics, particularly the former, are very tightly run by a "nomenklatura", which has survived Soviet times and has flourished ever since.


  • Contemporary Russian organized crime grew out of the Soviet "nomenklatura" system (the government's organizational structure and high-level officials) in which some individual

    Capitol Hill Coffee House

  • But whereas in Latin America populist leaders tend to come from humble origins, a large number of Hungarian politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, are offsprings of the old nomenklatura, with no first-hand experience in the favelas.

    Goulash Populism


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