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  • n. cherry tree
  • n. cherry blossom (Japanese cherry tree)


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From Japanese  (sakura, "cherry tree").


  • Not only are their blossoms ubiquitous at this time of year but so is "sakura," the Japanese word for cherry, which shows up in poetry and on Japanese kimonos, pottery, paintings and even cakes and other confections.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The cherry blossoms -- or in Japanese, sakura -- have made it through changing times, environmental challenges, and even most recently, the attention of our local population of beavers.

    Remarks By President At Arrival Ceremony With Pm Obuchi

  • The flowering cherry was and still is of course the symbol of Japan, and during the Japanese period it was called by the Japanese name sakura, even though the tree grew natively and was much loved by the Korean people.

    2005 April » Japundit Blog

  • Part-time workers hired by the operators of the site, dubbed sakura in Japanese, first became members of major free social networking service sites and then lured other members to pay matchmaking sites on which getting acquainted with the opposite sex was impossible.

    The Statesman

  • The blooming of cherry trees (which in Japanese are called sakura) is anticipated by the Japanese with such an eagerness that it prompts the national weather bureau to forecast and chart the progress of the sakurazensen ( 'cherry blossom front') across the Japanese archipelago, south to north. Top Blogs

  • And the park surrounding the castle's known for having more than 10,000 "sakura" trees in 250 different cherry varieties.

    Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide

  • In English, the word "sakura" is equivalent to the Japanese flowering cherry, [1] and their blossoms are commonly called cherry blossoms. - Business News

  • The pale pink blossoms or "sakura" are in full bloom, signaling that it's time to flock to parks across the country for picnics under the cherry trees. - Stuff

  • The arrival of the "sakura" blossoms is monitored with military precision in Japan - and while the exact dates are impossible to predict, they generally arrive around the same time every year.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Firefly (1310 New Hampshire Ave. NW, 202 / 861-1310), mixologist Alice Gaber has created two special cocktails: the "sakura" (the Japanese name for the flowering cherry tree blossom) is made with cherry vodka, elderflower liquor, grapefruit and white wine; the "cherry bomb" is a combination of cherry brandy and sparkling wine.

    Examiner California Headlines


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