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  • n. Dependence on factors other than initial state and input.
  • n. Being nondeterministic; involving arbitrary choices; necessitating the choice between various indistinguishable possibilities.


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  • Publishing new writing by way of contests implies a certain metaphysical attitude--the model privileges randomness, divisibility, fragmentation, unknowability, and nondeterminism, perfected and ground through a process of rationalization to the presumed opposite of these conditions.

    Anis Shivani: Poetry Book Contests Should be Abolished: Why Contests Are the Stupidest Way to Publish First Books

  • While it is true that apparent randomness can be generated if the state space (see below) one uses to analyze chaotic behavior is coarse-grained, this produces only an epistemic form of nondeterminism.


  • As a result of the nondeterminism, many runs of the same model will produce results that locally look very different, but globally will contain similar information.

    Gavin vs Kaufmann « Climate Audit

  • Having objects update pseudo-randomly simulates the parallel operation of cells in culture and the nondeterminism fundamental to living systems, while building in a controllable degree of uncertainty.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Unfortunately, that implementation did not necessarily satisfy the semantics, because it allowed the nondeterminism of thread scheduling to leak through.

    Planet Haskell

  • This is very close to gambling, but the nondeterminism comes directly from the actions of other users, not the randomness of a dice roll or a deck of cards, so while Swoopo hasn't quite crossed the line, they can see it from where they stand.

    The Register

  • How is observable nondeterminism not a much bigger lie than TCO?


  • Although it is fixed for each given interrupt source-only three or four instruction cycles-other mechanisms common among all 32-bit architectures, such as the cache and the bus arbitration module that we will review in detail in future expeditions, may affect the overall response time, adding a small amount of nondeterminism.

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  • "The hermeneutic conception of the natural world claims a fundamental nondeterminism.

    MSDN Blogs


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