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  • adj. Not pathogenic.


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non- +‎ pathogenic


  • They start out as industrial yeast or nonpathogenic strains of E. coli, but LS9 modifies them by custom-de-signing their DNA.

    Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol « Isegoria

  • In a 1992 report, researchers described seven such patients and concluded they shared a "nonpathogenic strain" of HIV.

    A Benign Strain Of The Virus

  • LS9, a Silicon Valley company doing energy research, has found a way to modify a nonpathogenic strain of E. coli so that it creates the equivalent of crude oil as a byproduct of eating agricultural waste.

    Oil 2.0 | clusterflock

  • This supports the view that the two systems diverged from a common ancestor, which could plausibly have been a type III export system functioning in a nonflagellar, nonpathogenic context.

    The Wisdom of Parasites - The Panda's Thumb

  • Discussions with Iraqi scientists uncovered agent R&D work that paired overt work with nonpathogenic organisms serving as surrogates for prohibited investigation with pathogenic agents.

    Archive 2003-10-01

  • There are nonpathogenic environmental Mycobacteria, and obligate pathogen Mycobacteria like M. tuberculosis and M. leprae, then there are environmental Mycobacteria, such as the M. avium we study, that opportunistically attack immunocompromised patients.

    From the Quote Mines: Phil Skell - The Panda's Thumb

  • He said conventional viruses were either highly pathogenic and easy to transmit, or nonpathogenic and latent and hence very difficult to transmit.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • "One of the things I was curious about was that pathogenic strains of Leishmania have a different sugar coating on them than nonpathogenic strains," Pohl said.

    Infection Control Today News Only Feed

  • In view of this, we used the fast-growing nonpathogenic

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Vectors derived from adeno-associated virus (AAV) are promising candidates for neural cell transduction in vivo because they are nonpathogenic and achieve long-term transduction in the central nervous system.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs


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