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  • adj. Not permissive.


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non- +‎ permissive


  • Contracted police trainers often cannot or will not operate in nonpermissive environments, thus confning their training to the capital city or secure areas while leaving unsecured remoter areas of a country without desperately needed police trainers and mentors, as is often the case in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

    David Isenberg: The Liability of Using a PMC to Do Foreign Police Training

  • The original experiments reconstituting GroEL-GroES-mediated protein folding were carried out under "nonpermissive" conditions, where the chaperonin system was absolutely required and substrate proteins could not achieve the native state if diluted directly from denaturant into solution.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue

  • Now, from the war that brought us nonpermissive environment, we have a distinction drawn between disarm and demilitarize.

    No Uncertain Terms

  • New York minute noir nomen nomenclature nomination nonpermissive environment nonspecific plural pronoun noodge no spring chicken now nuclear, pronunciation of null and void nutraceuticals

    No Uncertain Terms

  • There has been an assessment made late last summer-early fall for ground troops in a nonpermissive or hostile environment.

    Press Brief By Secretary Cohen And General Shelton

  • We've said all along that we have no intention of putting combat troops in or sending any troops into a nonpermissive environment.

    Press Briefing By Joe Lockhart

  • HSF1A treatment was unable to ameliorate MJDtrQ78-dependent phenotypes at a nonpermissive temperature in flies expressing a temperature-sensitive allele of HSF1

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • C variants that undergo proteolytic amino-proximal cleavage, but not by variants that are nonpermissive for cleavage, including secreted PrP

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • (A) Degradation of degron-myc tagged Ubc9 upon shifting to nonpermissive temperature (37°C) in galactose containing medium (to induce the expression of plasmid pKL142 encoded Ubr1, a ubiquitin E3 ligase).

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • USAID and State Department personnel must truly be worldwide deployable and be trained to operate in expeditionary, semi - to - nonpermissive environments as a matter of course.

    Center for American Progress Action Fund


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