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  • adj. Not involving recognition of gain or loss.
  • n. Lack of recognition.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ recognition


  • Mr. Double Earrings pursed his lips and frowned the frown of nonrecognition.


  • With this happening in the same week that the Bush Administration not only has agreed to sit down with the Iranians but also (and even more significant) is exploring the possibility of establishing a U.S. diplomatic Interests Section in Tehran, another of McCain's foreign policy pillars -- the nonrecognition of Iran -- seems to be cratering as well.

    What Maliki Means - Swampland -

  • From Stonewall to now is exactly 40 years, and in that time we have gone from total nonrecognition and arrest on sodomy charges to gay marriage in several states, plus domestic partnerships and antidiscrimination laws all over the country.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Ricci and the Sotomayor Nomination:

  • We overturned its official nonrecognition of the existence of the church, mainly the Roman Catholic Church, in our country; this offended many in the traditional political class.

    The Exile Speaks Out

  • Abkhazia refused to return to the Georgian fold and was stuck for years in a twilight world of nonrecognition.

    War Ignites Region's Bid

  • In fact, nonrecognition implies the legal nonexistence of the other state, which, in the context of the Middle East, is tantamount to an option to destroy it.

    What We Can Do

  • His argument that the continuity of interest doctrine has no teeth is fairly persuasive, but I am less sure that making nonrecognition treatment explicitly elective is such a great idea.

    Blank on Repealing the Continuity of Interest Doctrine in Reorgs

  • In light of the legislative history and statutory structure, § 721 simply cannot be read to provide nonrecognition to a partnership that admits a service- provider partner with a capital account that is transferred in exchange for services.

    McMahon on Recognition of Gain by a Partnership Issuing an Equity Interest for Services

  • The proposed regulations would provide complete nonrecognition of gain or loss to the partnership issuing a partnership interest for services, while allowing a deduction for the full fair market value of the partnership interest granted to the service partner.

    McMahon on Recognition of Gain by a Partnership Issuing an Equity Interest for Services

  • As in the question of astronomy then, so in the question of history now, the whole difference of opinion is based on the recognition or nonrecognition of something absolute, serving as the measure of visible phenomena.

    War and Peace


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