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  • adj. Not reversible; irreversible

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not reversible or capable of having either side out; -- used mostly of clothing. Opposite of reversible.

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  • adj. not reversible or capable of having either side out


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  • The workers dispatched the easy decisions quickly, whether they were reversible or not, and they spent only slightly more time on the hard, nonreversible decisions.

    Week in Ideas: Christopher Shea

  • In reality, many leading theoretical physicists have speculated that time may not really exist; that the appearance of things happening in a linear, nonreversible order may be a reality—or perhaps illusion—in our minds only; that all things and all times really are one.

    God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu …

  • Specialists recognize that the present thermodynamic laws do not suffice to explain all nonreversible phenomena, including especially life processes.

    Energy and economic myths (historical)

  • Onsager also formulated a general mathematical expression about the behavior of nonreversible chemical processes that has been described as the “fourth law of thermodynamics.”

    Onsager, Lars

  • They are not only painful, but increase the chance of infection, which in turn can cause nonreversible damage to the eye.

    Protect Your Peepers

  • Someone with severe erratic behaviour or an emotional disturbed person can have detrimental chemical reactions causing nonreversible destruction even prior to the police be called.

    Taser first, ask questions at the autopsy.

  • Most people want to believe that humanity is indestructible, that our species cannot be eradicated or eliminated or negatively impacted in any truly widespread or nonreversible way by anyone or anything.

    What God Wants

  • On cooling, this paste sets to a rigid, nonreversible gel.

    7. Sorghum

  • He notes 1975, p. 323 that decisions on plant building, location of plants, and acquisition of new equipment are enduring and nonreversible.


  • In many animals the germline is set aside early in cleavage, allowing the soma -- a dead-end structure -- to develop by any means, including genome restructuring and nonreversible programming.

    Nobel Lecture The Significance of Responses of the Genome to Challenge


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