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  • adj. not scientific; involving faith, intuition, or magical thinking


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  • Academics are smart and fast, and, in nonscientific fields such as law and history, they can be glib.

    The Professors Profess

  • Our nature is of course more severely taxed in nonscientific fields, to clearly recognize overriding human goals and to work towards them with objectivity and sometimes at personal and national sacrifice when we no longer have hard experimental results to straighten us out, when we err a little too far.

    Charles H. Townes - Banquet Speech

  • This oversimplification accounts for Ackerman's confusion when "nonscientific" examples of Formalism are included in the text.

    Art's End

  • So the queerness of the scientist has been accentuated by a well-intentioned compression of his education, designed to allow him to express himself at the earliest possible moment in independent and original action in science, but not well-fitted to enable himself to express himself, clearly and convincingly in a broadly "nonscientific" world.

    Scientist and Citizen

  • Rather than refer to Military Times polls as if they mean something, the point should be made over and over again that the polls they conduct are nonscientific, nonrandom polls of senior enlisted folks and officers.

    Think Progress » Opposition to gays serving openly in the military has ‘declined sharply’ amongst servicemembers.

  • At $30, it is remarkably good value; but do not be sucked in by the publisher's claim that it "introduces the nonscientific reader to the mind-bending world of quantum physics."

    How Physics Got Weird

  • These nonscientific samplings of Republican party leaders, elected officials and political activists in the early primary and caucus states are an attempt to cover the "invisible primary" among party insiders that typically has great influence in the presidential nomination contests.

    HuffPost-Patch GOP Power Outsiders Satisfied With Their Choices

  • But in this case, where the whole astrobiology effort is anchored in the expectation that a universe that led to our existence is likely to give rise to other forms of life, that nonscientific question of “why?” is impossible to entirely disentangle from the traditional scientific question of “how?”

    First Contact

  • An FBI spokesman, Paul Bresson, said the information involved nonscientific aspects of the government's investigation and the outside committee's "charge was to focus sol ely on the science."

    Panel Questions Key Evidence in Anthrax Case

  • However, I have some pieces here, and I set up a completely nonscientific test.

    Metal computing, part 1 « The Half-Baked Maker


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