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  • noun north-northwest

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adverb to, toward, or in the north-northwest
  • noun the compass point that is midway between north and northwest


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  • Steering, nor'-nor'-west, each following close upon the next ahead, they rode in deep silence.

    The Tale of a Trooper

  • Even when he had to steer nor'-nor'-west arter that in the way o 'business he didn't like it, an' he was about the most cruelly disappointed man you ever saw when he heard afterwards that

    Many Cargoes

  • It was but scraps that reached me: how he "filled her on the starboard tack," and how "it came up sudden out of the nor'-nor'-west," and "there she was, high and dry."

    The Wrecker

  • We were now running before it, rolling from port to starboard and back again from starboard to port, almost gunwales under, with the sail we had on us now, for it was blowing a good ten-knot breeze from the nor'-nor'-west, the breeze having shifted again since sunset, right astern, instead of being dead ahead, as previously, of our proper tract for the open sea.

    The Island Treasure

  • The wind was out from about nor'-nor'-west, and had been blowing very fresh all day, notwithstanding which the ship was under all three royals, and fore and main topgallant studdingsails, her course being south-east.

    Overdue The Story of a Missing Ship

  • Night fell soon after this; but the long-boat still held her way, running before the wind, and steering a nor'-nor'-west course by compass.

    On Board the Esmeralda Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story

  • I recollect well Tim's whispering softly as I let go my hold of the port sill, "Sure, now, take care av y'rsilf, Misther Gray-ham, sorr, an 'don't forgit what the skipper's tould you about your coorse whin ye gits outsoide the rafe; ye're to steer nor'-nor'-west, wid a little more west in it, an' kape a good look-out for the blissid gunboat -- an '-- an' God bliss ye me bhoy, an 'that's Tim Rooney's dyin' wish if ye niver say him ag'in!"

    Afloat at Last A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea

  • "'Mr. McMillan,' ses he excitedly, 'steer nor'-nor'-west until further orders.

    Many Cargoes

  • "'Three times I Ve been woke up this night by something shouting in my ear," Steer nor'-nor'-west! "'ses the cap'n very solemnly,'" Steer nor'-nor'-west! "that's all it says.

    Many Cargoes

  • At 7: 30 the wind flew into the nor'-nor'-west, and blew a hurricane. "

    The Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands


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