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  • n. the state of being normative
  • n. the state of being a norm


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  • Here, the activity of design introduces an element of normativity, which is absent from scientific knowledge.

    Philosophy of Technology

  • After all, rationality is a normative notion and plausibly it is the idea of normativity that gives the Open Question Argument its force.

    Moral Non-Naturalism

  • The main idea of virtue epistemology is to understand the kind of normativity involved on the model of virtue theories in ethics.

    Virtue Epistemology

  • Byron, which it finds the site of an early nineteenth-century contest between "normativity" and "heterodoxy."

    'A darkling plain': Hemans, Byron and _The Sceptic; A Poem_

  • These negative energies strain containment in "normativity"; they are what drive the poem's polemic, make up Hemans's own version of scepticism, and make her polemic a "war of ideas" that takes no prisoners and spills over into a new era (Go to "Dover Beach"):

    'A darkling plain': Hemans, Byron and _The Sceptic; A Poem_

  • Clearly Gaga is not oblivious to her own "normativity"; she actually uses it as a weapon, drawing in the viewer with the expectation that she will be blonde and submissive, and then upsetting those expectations by doing intentionally weird, gross things.

    Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture

  • … what is clear like never before is the ease with which we can resort to striving for a kind of normativity in the face of hypersexual ascription.

    the hypersexuality of race « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • Digging deeper still, emergent consistencies between arbitrary acts of definition-by-exclusion serve to establish boundaries of normativity (of self, group, subject) by which less common but nevertheless natural things (types of behaviour, people, whatever) are deemed essentially non-normative -- abnormal, unusual.

    What is Otherness?

  • That is, the inauthenticity ascribed to transsexuals, regardless of binary identification and presentation, may outweigh cissexual gender non-normativity in actual lived material negative effects.

    Yet another trans 101, in which Helen tells cis people What’s What

  • I mean, far better that trans people run the risk of harassment and assault than cis people face up to the discomfort they feel at having to examine their own privileges and assumptions about the gender binary, normativity, prejudice, discrimination, ableism and so on and so forth …

    Gender neutral toilets head south


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