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  • n. A type of atom specified by its atomic number, atomic mass, and energy state, such as carbon 14.

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  • n. An atomic nucleus specified by its atomic number and atomic mass.


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  • The discovery has the potential to revolutionise pre-clinical cancer research and clinical diagnostic practice, and it makes use of compounds that have already been approved for treating patients: the anti-cancer drug bevacizumab (Avastin) and Copper-64, a radioactive copper nuclide, which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for some clinical trials.

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  • In September 2009, Bayer signed an agreement with Algeta to develop and commercialize Alpharadin, also known as radium-223 chloride, a compound containing an alpha-particle-emitting nuclide for cancer patients with bone metastases.

    Bayer Prostate Drug Gets a Boost

  • This cycle is similar to the documented 206-year period in records of cosmogenic nuclide production carbon-14 and beryllium-10 that is thought to reflect variations in solar activity.

    Allen and the "Cool" Medieval Pacific « Climate Audit

  • Tomography (PET), the positron annihilates with electrons of the tissue and the produced two photons, recorded in detectors, give information on the origin of the carbon-11 nuclide.

    Accelerators and Nobel Laureates

  • It took about a minute using Google for me to find a paper published in Science four years before the Chernobyl meltdown describing precisely the same level of "the naturally occurring radioactive nuclide polonium-210" in the same species of shrimp in samples from the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • I imagine it's because to generate X-rays you need a very expensive HV power supply and a very expensive X-ray tube, but for gammas you only need (in simple terms) a lump of the appropriate nuclide in a lead pot.

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  • However, Professor Tim Elliott of the University of Bristol, who was not involved in the latest study, remarked that though the conclusions were interesting, they were not beyond doubt: "A more convincing way to prove the great antiquity of this material would have been to demonstrate an anomalous extinct nuclide signature," he said.

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  • Further the actual amount of radionuclides released to the environment due to the high levels of natural radioactive minerals in coal which are poured out of coal stacks and via waste heaps far exceeds the hypothetical nuclide fears sold by Greenpeace. - home

  • However, concerning EGFR overexpression in the primary tumors, similar expression in the metastases could be predicted with a reasonably high probability, which is encouraging for testing of EGFR targeted nuclide radiotherapy.

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  • In receptor-mediated targeted nuclide radiotherapy, tumor cells are killed with delivered radiation and therapeutic efficiency is mainly dependent on the receptor expression.

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