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  • n. Plural form of particulate..


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  • The decrease in particulates means the engine last longer, less repairs.

    Canadian Silver Bug - April Musings

  • Scented candles, especially the industrial strength and size that many people light around the holidays, give off more than fragrance-studies show they produce tiny bits of pollution known as particulates that can inflame the respiratory tract and aggravate asthma, Dr. Sublett says. Top headlines

  • When burned, high-sulfur fuels emit sulfur dioxide in the form of microscopic soot particles known as particulates - specks so small they can be breathed into the deepest parts of the lung.

    Columnist: Keith Groller

  • THE consquences of inhaling particles of pollution known as particulates include asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular issues and premature death.


  • We are approaching January 1st 2010 when new emissions regulations will be put in place in North America and when we will introduce trucks with virtually zero emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulates, which is very positive for the environment.

    Automotive Headlines

  • This is link to a bizarre news report about a charity ride cyclist injured by 'particulates' fired from a cannon in a car operated by teenagers.

    BSNYC "Summer Reese's" Announcement! (and Friday Fun Quiz!)

  • Regions where economic growth reaches sufficient levels see increases followed by declines, particularly for those pollutants most detrimental to human health, such as particulates and SO2.

    Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4)~ Chapter 9

  • The particulates are a little harder to get your hands around, but whether it’s even necessary has to do with what he’s actually claimed.

    RMS and Sulphate Emissions « Climate Audit

  • Other major "costs" were local air pollution such as particulates, and the damage caused by the over-use and pollution of freshwater.


  • The 1990 Clean Air Act was designed for conventional air pollutants such as particulates and ozone smog, not for carbon dioxide.

    The Volokh Conspiracy


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