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  • n. Plural form of dioxin.


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  • I consider it no small irony that the first syllable of the word dioxins sounds like die: So potent is this group of more than 100 cancer-causing industrial chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency is currently considering setting the "safe" daily level for human exposure at seven-tenths of a picogram per kilogram of body weight.

    Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Help! Am I Doomed By Dioxins?

  • But plants don't typically absorb dioxins, which is why researchers have found lower levels of the pollutant in the breast milk of vegetarian mothers, compared with those who ate a meat-intensive diet.

    Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Help! Am I Doomed By Dioxins?

  • But a friend just told me that the worst toxins are something called dioxins, and there's nothing I can really do to avoid them.

    Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: Help! Am I Doomed By Dioxins?

  • ~ Dioxin pollution leads to more baby girls -study -- "More girls than boys are born in some Canadian communities because airborne pollutants called dioxins can alter normal sex ratios, even if the source of the pollution is many kilometers away, researchers say."

    Speedlinking 10/18/07

  • A separate and unrelated concern involves chemicals called dioxins.


  • Over the past decade chemical toxins called dioxins were found in bakery products, meat, cheese, poultry and eggs in various European countries, and pathogenic bacteria such as News

  • Most public concern is about a family of toxic chemicals called dioxins, which can be generated through combustion.

    Chinalyst - China blogs in English

  • An unavoidable outcome for the production of chlorine is a group of carcinogenic compounds called dioxins, which are also produced as part of the chlorine manufacturing process.

    American Thinker

  • The good news is that DDT and other organochlorine pesticides, PCBs and industrial byproducts called dioxins have declined significantly in food and the environment since they were banned or restricted decades ago. Main RSS Feed

  • Also known as dioxins, these substances may cause a wide range of health problems in humans, including reproductive and developmental problems and cancer. - latest science and technology news stories


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