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  • It would be insulting and dismissive to call SACRILEGE a "nunsploitation" film, but that's how it was sold and how I approached it.

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  • I just noticed your nunsploitation list and enjoyed that too!

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  • As for nunsploitation, Jahsonic has requested that too.

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  • There's a website called, but it looks like it's mostly just porn.

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  • I can't afford another warning on my account. extremely graphic, sleazy, contemptible, and schlocky in nature from both foreign and domestic distributors ... blaxploitaion, sexploitation (hard and soft core), hixploitation, nunsploitation, violent chop socky features, Japanese monster films, - Articles related to Japan shows 'The Cove' after delay from protests

  • The Exorcist and also adds an element of 'nunsploitation,' which at the time was an entire exploitation sub-genre, to the film.

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  • It has elements of supernatural horror, straight sleaze, nunsploitation, pornography and coming of age drama all thrown together into one somewhat disjointed production.

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  • Fans of the Nuns 'more campy aspects, or more general fans of nunsploitation and fetishism will appreciate the short films on the disc.

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  • Fans of fetish rock and nunsploitation are sure to appreciate the stage show of the Nuns, as well as the abundant flesh and vinyl on display in the short films and promotional material.

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  • It is, however a bit better than a simple foray into the nunsploitation genre.

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    Demonia (1980) In 1498, five nuns are brutally murdered and crucified by a mob of angry Sicilian villagers. 500 years later, along comes Paul Evans, the world’s most arrogant archeology professor and his superstitious pupil Liza. They’re here to look for Greek relics, but obviously Liza just can’t help but enter the long-sealed medieval convent nearby to unleash the nuns’ demonic spirits and a string of disgusting deaths. But is Liza the real killer? Or Paul? In this gory Italian nunsploitation flick, nothing is clear, but the deaths inflicted by everything from killer-cats to tortuous-trees are so gross you’ll be rolling on the floor like a pair of possessed eyeballs.

    November 2, 2015