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  • Do not get caught up in the delusional obamamania, like some of the wackos in here.

    Obama about to clinch victory, aide says

  • You say 'obamamania has destroyed capacity for reason' yet your post is full of half truth and rumour and shows no reason whatsoever.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Reply: thanks for a nice dose of political reality; all the interview proved to me is that obamamania is alive and well and that the word progressive is generally used in totally meaningless ways by

    Interview with Steve Hildebrand; Steve, Did you tell Progressives to Shut the F Up?

  • ColonelReb1: obamamania at work! ain't he great! ruining the country.

    Memphis Commercial Appeal Stories

  • It was the Bush administration who decided to skew the lending guidelines that eventuallly led to this mess! obamamania at work! ain't he great! ruining the country.

    Memphis Commercial Appeal Stories

  • And guess what Tea Partiers, if we extend tax cuts for the rich, it adds to the deficit! by skyk1 September 13, 2010 1: 46 PM EDT by obamamania September 13, 2010 1: 45 PM EDT

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • And even more amazing is the triple post with three different sets of addressees. the obamamania is underway here; my parking garage was closed this AM and i had to pay a block farther away from my ofc and pay $20 instead of $12 per day for that privilege! the obams mug is on the subway farecards also. had to PARK a block farther away and pay for the privilege i mean.

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  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; politics = 1; nickname = martin-lewis; entry_id = 87858; american-idol = 1; barack-obama = 1; celebrity-worship = 1; ciphers = 1; excessive-bush-like-sibilance = 1; messiah = 1; messianists = 1; nose-blowing = 1; obamamania = 1; vessels = 1",

    Martin Lewis: "Life Of Barack": Obama Blows Nose - Denies Being Messiah

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; featured-posts = 1; politics = 1; nickname = andrei-markovits-and-jeff-weintraub; entry_id = 106187; @ypolitics = 1; @yus-news = 1; american-exceptionalism = 1; election-08 = 1; europe = 1; hypocrisy = 1; obama = 1; obamamania = 1",

    Andrei Markovits and Jeff Weintraub: Some Blind Spots and Hypocrisies of European Obamamania

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; featured-posts = 1; politics = 1; nickname = erica-jong; entry_id = 102850; bill-clinton = 1; democratic-party = 1; hillary-clinton = 1; obamamania = 1",

    Erica Jong: Democrats Unite


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  • A political movement from the fall of 2007 and the spring/summer of 2008. Many citizens, especially the 18-35 set, became activated in yhe political process. Some likened it to a cult, but surveys of members indicated that they still had questions and concerns about the figurehead's fitness and experience. But they really liked him a lot!

    March 1, 2008