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  • adj. Of or pertaining to objectivism
  • n. An advocate of objectivism.

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  • n. One who believes in objectivism.


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objective +‎ -ist


  • I have a super capitalist friend who is a pure "objectivist" - and he's insane sometimes. what's new online!

  • They also have a resident troll -- a "historian" who's every bit as annoying and long-winded as our objectivist was a while back.


  • I had known of Henry George only that he popularized the Single Tax on land and, in the 19th century, had spoken out against economic inequality -- not that he had moved far to the right of the political spectrum, or that his followers were mainly von Misians and the school was basically a feeder into the Ayn Rand "objectivist" cult that had been an early training ground for Alan Greenspan.

    Michael W. Hudson: My Talk With Michael Hudson, Part 2

  • And for those who don't have the time, here's an interview where Rand summarises her "objectivist" philosophy for - who else?

    Britain, by Ayn Rand

  • Some interpretations are "objectivist," taking probabilities to be, possibly, frequencies of outcomes, or idealized limits of such frequencies or perhaps measures of "dispositions" or "propensities" of outcomes in specified test situations.

    Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics

  • Of course, classifications such as "objectivist" and "nonnaturalist," are only a partial explanation of pantheists 'ethical views.


  • The materialist or "objectivist" may be satisfied with such a result, but it is a result which does not answer the question of philosophy, but rather denies that any answer is possible.

    The Complex Vision

  • Your reasoned argument and persuasive civility bespeaks of your "objectivist" ideology. Stories / Popular

  • I know of people who used to have "objectivist" parties where people got together to talk about objectivism. what's new online!

  • That is: there can be 'objectivist' theories of value according to which mental states X are intrinsically valuable.

    Philosophy, et cetera


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