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  • n. A silver coin minted in Ancient Greece, valued at a sixth of a drachma.

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  • n. A small silver coin of Athens, the sixth part of a drachma, about three cents in value.
  • n. An ancient weight, the sixth part of a drachm.

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  • n. Same as obol.
  • n. A small silver coin current in the middle ages in Hungary, Poland, Bohemia, etc.
  • n. [capitalized] [NL.] In zoology, a genus of brachiopods of the family Lingulidæ, from the Silurian, having orbicular valves.

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  • n. a Greek unit of weight equal to one tenth of a gram


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Latin obolus, from Ancient Greek ὀβολός (obolos), from ὀβελός (obelos).


  • I recommend seven or eight small pieces of iron to be prepared, a fathom in size, in thickness like a thick specillum, and bent at the extremity, and a broad piece should be on the extremity, like a small obolus.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • The same St. Augustine observes in his one hundred and fifty-third letter, “It is written that the whole world belongs to the faithful, and infidels have not an obolus that they possess legitimately.”

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • A diadem is purchased with gold; silver opens the way to heaven; philosophy may be hired for a penny; money controls justice; one obolus satisfies a man of letters; precious metal procures health; wealth attaches friends.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • You go to buy lettuces: they cost an obolus, but not a talent.

    The Discourses of Epictetus

  • I remember at the feasts of Zeus you had a consuming wish for a little chariot and I bought it for you with the first obolus which

    The Clouds

  • If, after such conduct, he proves he has done well, I would not give an obolus for the hide of old men.

    The Clouds

  • If then you learn this science, which is false, I shall not have to pay an obolus of all the debts I have contracted on your account.

    The Clouds

  • I will not return an obolus to anyone who says him instead of her for a kneading-trough.

    The Clouds

  • This cursed man, when striking out right and left with his torch, knocked over ten loaves worth an obolus apiece, and then, to cap the deal, four others.

    The Wasps

  • Because, though old and broken-down as he is, he would put to sea on a hurdle to gain an obolus.



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