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  • When the object passed in front a of star, Hubble's instruments picked up the occulation.

    Hubble Finds Smallest Kuiper Belt Object Ever Seen | Universe Today

  • While Paige hesitated in the doorway to the blister, the little spots - that were Jupiter's largest moons visibly drew apart from each other a little, Until one of them went into occulation behind Anne's right shoulder.

    Cities In Flight

  • Tonight there was a brilliant sunset of golden orange and green, which left the western sky clear and beautifully pure; but clouds in the east made me lose an occulation.

    The Life of Kit Carson

  • The mathematician who makes the calculations for a machine is not so well paid as the man who finishes it; the observatory calculator who calculates the time of occulation for a planet cannot earn so much as the one who grinds a reflector.

    Side Lights

  • The object of a watch is to tell the number of seconds that elapse between the instant of occulation, eclipse, etc., and the instant, a minute or two later, when the sextant observation for time is made.

    The Art of Travel Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries

  • An occulation would require three pages in all; one of which would be for time.

    The Art of Travel Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries

  • The occulation of the fixed stars by the nucleus of a comet, or by its innermost vaporous envelopes, might throw some light on the physical character of these wonderful bodies; but we are unfortunately deficient in observations by which we may be assured* that the occulation was perfectly central; for, as it has already been observed, the parts of the envelope contiguous to the nucleus are alternately composed of layers of dense or very attenuated vapor.

    COSMOS: A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe, Vol. 1

  • a careful series of lunars once a fortnight, on an average; compass variations as often; and an occulation now and then.

    The Art of Travel Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries

  • 1977 - Rings of Uranus discovered during occulation of SAO


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  • Or maybe a kiss that missed. ;-)

    January 10, 2009

  • Misspelling of occultation.

    January 9, 2009

  • An occultation is simply what happens when one celestial body obscures another

    January 9, 2009