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  • n. An oily yellow liquid, (C17H33COO)3C3H5, occurring naturally in most fats and oils and used as a textile lubricant.

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  • n. Any naturally-occurring greasy or oily substance related to fat
  • n. Any glyceride of oleic acid

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  • n. A fat, liquid at ordinary temperatures, but solidifying at temperatures below 0┬░ C., found abundantly in both the animal and vegetable kingdoms (see palmitin). It dissolves solid fats, especially at 30-40┬░ C. Chemically, olein is a glyceride of oleic acid; and, as three molecules of the acid are united to one molecule of glycerol to form the fat, it is technically known as triolein. It is also called elain.

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  • n. One of the most widely distributed of the natural fats, the trioleic ether of glycerol, having the formula C3H5(C18H33O2)3.
  • n. The trade-name of the oil, fluid at common temperature, obtained by means of hydraulic pressure from the butter-like tropical fats, such as cocoauut-oil and palm-oil, especially the former.

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  • n. a naturally occurring glyceride of oleic acid that is found in fats and oils


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  • Where olein, which is liquid, is the chief constituent, we have softer fats, such as lard, and liquid oils, as almond, olive and cotton-seed.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • The PVMA proposed for a reduction of Rs 3,500 per tonne in the customs duty on the RBD palm oil and palm olein, which is around Rs 9,000 per tonne.


  • While straight palm can be used in biscuit dough and some other food products, 60-70% of palm oil is sold as derivatives: palm fractions such as olein and stearin; fractions of olein and stearin; palm kernel oil (PKO) or PKO derivatives, which are then blended into bakery fats and other products, she said.

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  • Palmitic acid makes up 20 to 24 percent of the fat in human milk, so Enfamil supplements its formula with palm olein oil.

    Wired Top Stories

  • However, the sources of fat coconut oil, palm oil, palm olein oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and corn oil can vary.

    Baby Bites

  • Palm oil olein is just fine, but palm kernel oil is a different beast entirely.

    Palm oil fights back | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Harding would only have had at his disposal sulphuric acid, but by heating this acid with the neutral fatty bodies he could separate the glycerine; then from this new combination, he easily separated the olein, the margarin, and the stearin, by employing boiling water.

    The Mysterious Island

  • This increased volume of oil extraction and the technical changes brought about in the refining processes of the Compania Numar have enabled the company to replace cotton oil imports by olein (fractionated palm oil) in the preparation of various foodstuffs (margarines, liquid oils, etc.).

    Chapter 6

  • Of the above the most important from a soap-maker's point of view are stearin, palmitin, olein and laurin, as these predominate in the fats and oils generally used in that industry.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • Another method which has been proposed is to run the liquid olein over

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture


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