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  • n. A carbohydrate that consists of a relatively small number of monosaccharides.

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  • n. a polysaccharide of low molecular weight, being a polymer of between three and seven monosaccharide units

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  • n. any of the carbohydrates that yield only a few monosaccharide molecules on complete hydrolysis


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From oligo- +‎ saccharide


  • Readers are advised to find one that contains 'oligosaccharide' which, as someone who's baked professionally for a few decades, had no idea what that was.

    David Lebovitz

  • She writes: "Mild-acid hydrolytic de-polymerization of carageenan affords poligeenan, a mixture of lower molecular weight polysaccharides and oligosaccharide products."

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  • Its sweet flavour comes from the fructo-oligosaccharide also known as inulin.

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  • SizeOn also contains a unique, proprietary, patent-pending oligosaccharide called

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  • "This type of research has been performed and duplicated many times in the past" quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) LC/MS technology provided researchers a new view of the oligosaccharide (sugar) structures produced in breast milk across stages of lactation among human mothers.

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  • Aronson NN Jr, Halloran BA, Alexyev MF, Amable L, Madura JD, et al. (2003) Family 18 chitinase-oligosaccharide substrate interaction: subsite preference and anomer selectivity of

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  • Phe261 forms a hydrophobic interaction with the oligosaccharide.

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  • There are thousands of oligosaccharide structures present in human breast milk and we need to determine which are the most effective.

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  • Goss PE, Reid CL, Bailey D, Dennis JW (1997) Phase IB clinical trial of the oligosaccharide processing inhibitor swainsonine in patients with advanced malignancies.

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  • More subtle roles for α − and β − mannosides are found in the glycans of higher organisms, where oligosaccharide diversity affords cell signaling and recognition events that lead oligosaccharides to play the role of "glycocode"; the language of cellular communication

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