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  • n. Plural form of oncogene.


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  • "This technology allows us to analyze cancer-associated proteins on a very small scale," said Felsher, a member of Stanford's Cancer Center, who studies how cancer genes called oncogenes initiate and influence tumor progression in many types of cancers.

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  • The discovery led to the identification of many " oncogenes " — a mutated gene that turns normal cells into tumor cells — and the development of therapies to combat them.

    The Most Insidious Illness

  • Hell, there's whole CLASSES of genes identified as "oncogenes" or "tumor suppressor genes".

    Is That Legal?: Q-Tip sales skyrocket, but ...

  • This incorrect fusion is thought to create cancer-causing genes, or "oncogenes," that encode so-called fusion proteins.


  • The limitation of this method is that three of the four genes that code for these transcription factors -- oct4, klf4 and c-myc - are oncogenes, meaning they promote the uncontrolled cell growth characteristic of cancer.

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  • Taking cancer as an exam - difference is signi fi cant and can be reproducibly ple, malignant cells often contain over-expressed, observed in the laboratory, it can be exploited for mutated or absent 'oncogenes' (i.e. genes which drug discovery.

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  • Not one cure for cancer but many different ones that deal with “oncogenes”–particular genes that encourage and inhibit normal and abnormal proteins within cells.

    'Brain-based' education: Run from it

  • Indeed, many others had turned their attention to oncogenes, whose crucial role had been illustrated in the mid-70s by J. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus.

    Françoise Barré-Sinoussi - Autobiography

  • Besides the major task of reorganising this research centre, I tried to maintain some time for laboratory research and continued jointly with Frank Rösl to analyse intracellular and extracellular control mechanisms preventing the activity of viral oncogenes in proliferating epithelial cells.

    Harald zur Hausen - Autobiography

  • Such uncontrolled reproduction begins when a single cell accumulates enough mutations to activate certain growth-promoting genes (scientists call them oncogenes) and to inactivate certain protections (tumor suppressor genes) that are built into the genetic program of every animal and plant.

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