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  • n. The worship of the penis or phallus, especially connected with fertility.

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  • n. See phallism.

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  • n. Phallic worship; worship of the organs of sex or of the generative principle in nature. Also phallism.


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phallic +‎ -ism


  • It is not difficult to understand, therefore, why primitive man paid divine honours to the organs of sex in man and woman, or to such things as he considered symbolical of them -- that is to say, to understand the extensiveness of those religions which are grouped under the term "phallicism".

    Bygone Beliefs

  • A shape of itself is a mathematical abstraction until we lumber it with our own meaning, and to infer any such meaning as phallicism, puns on condominium notwithstanding, it seems to me you would have to show intention.

    the phallicism of skyscrapers

  • Even the British Museum does not include works on phallicism in its catalogue, and special permission has to be obtained to consult them.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • At any rate, an isolated phenomenon, such as this, cannot be held to controvert the view that regards phallicism as in this normal line.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • In view of the astrological symbolism of these metals, that gold should be masculine, silver feminine, does not surprise us, because the idea of the masculinity of the sun and the femininity of the moon is a bit of phallicism that still remains with us.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • And, as I have said before, that phallicism usually appears to have degenerated into immorality of a very pronounced type is to be deplored, but an immoral view of human relations is by no means a necessary corollary to a sexual theory of the universe. 143

    Bygone Beliefs

  • I want, in conclusion to these brief introductory remarks, to say a few words concerning phallicism in connection with my topic.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • But archæological research having established the fact that phallicism has, at one time or another, been common to nearly all races, it seems probable that the Arunta tribe represents a deviation from the normal line of mental evolution.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • The rocking phallicism in radio music of passing cars,

    American Papyrus: 25 Poems

  • Signs of phallicism among the ancient Hebrews can be clearly pointed out; the serpent was a phallic symbol.

    The Necessity of Atheism


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