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  • n. A thick-walled structure in which sporozoan zygotes develop and that serves to transfer them to new hosts.

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  • n. A thick-walled structure under a mosquito's outer gut lining, formed by an ookinete.


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oo- +‎ cyst


  • How many sporozoites are produced by each oocyst, Jehu?

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  • Unlike many other waterborne pathogenic microorganisms, at least in its oocyst (encapsulated) form Cryptosporidium is extremely resistant to chlorine, surviving concentrations hundreds of times above the levels used to treat drinking water.

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  • "In that group of mosquitoes, not a single Plasmodium oocyst managed to form."


  • In two independent mosquito feeds midgut infections were scored for oocyst numbers at day 10.

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  • An. stephensi was assessed in two independent feeds; oocyst numbers per dissected midgut were recorded.

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  • An. stephensi blood meal, (H) an infected gut 8 days post-feed, (I) 10 day oocyst, (J) infected salivary gland dissected 18 days post-feed, (K) salivary gland sporozoite.

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  • Fujioka H, Gantt S, Nussenzweig R, Nussenzweig V, et al. (2002) Levels of circumsporozoite protein in the Plasmodium oocyst determine sporozoite morphology.

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  • Toxomplasmosis is caused by a protozoan toxoplasma gondii, it is acquired through oocyst, cats are the definitive hosts (rodents are the intermediate hosts) Transmission: humans can get disease by acquiring oocysts during ingestion of raw meat, or contact with cat feces, or contact with soil.

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  • L-DOPA may be involved in T. gondii tissue cyst wall formation; although the excreted oocyst of

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  • And if you need to get one of those out of your soul you'll need an oocystist exorcist.

    December 3, 2015

  • A specialist in this field of study is of course an oocystist.

    December 3, 2015